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Lobster season in the area

Lobster season in Cape Breton commences with the highly anticipated Setting Day, a time-honoured tradition celebrated in fishing communities like Cheticamp. Against the backdrop of Chimney Corner's picturesque cove, lobster fishermen embark on Setting Day, adorning their boats with colorful flags as they set their traps. From Ridge on the Chimney cottages, guests can watch the boats enter the cove to set traps nearby, and return early each morning to check for the days fresh catch, pulling the traps onboard and emptying them on deck, returning the trap back down to the water.  Throughout the season, the coastline comes alive with the comings and goings of lobster boats, their arrival back to the warf greeted with anticipation. It is at the bustling warf nearby in Cheticamp where their journey culminates, where the day's catch is unloaded, and the vibrancy of Cape Breton's fishing heritage is palpable.

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